What is Mysore?

Mysore, named after the city in South India where Krishnamacharya and Jois’s family lived, is the original way of learning yoga asana. It’s a personal and intimate path to cultivating yoga within. In a Mysore Style Class, each student is taught individually, pose by pose, given a one-on-one lesson in a group setting. Students are strongly encouraged to practice at least three (3) times a week and commit to at least a month to memorize the sequence and develop individual responsibility for our own practice and wellbeing.

Jarrick The Floating Yogi has been practicing yoga and incorporating its philosophy into his life since 2014. He's trained in Power, Dharma, and Ashtanga Yoga and continues to hold a consistent Ashtanga practice to this day currently in the 3rd series. In his studies, he learned from Faith Scmecka and Marie Belle. In addition to these traditional and modern styles, Jarrick also enjoys Cymatics, Sound, Frequency, Vibration, and its effects on matter and human consciousness. He's an avid Anime watcher and it has propelled him into Meditation the MindSpace and Sound Healing because of its deep roots in Yoga and Ayurveda.  Jarrick’s kind, gentle and knowledgeable manner creates an open and safe space to flow through your practice and SIFTS incorporating the lessons learned on the mat, in daily life.