Pop-Up Rocket 3 aka The Happy Hour

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$30.00 Rocket 3 aka The Happy Hour

Christiane Coste

Christiane is an activist, yoga practitioner and traveling teacher from Mexico City. With a background in Human Rights’ Studies, she was first drawn to yoga as a path for healing and empowerment, to support her work with victims of abuse throughout Latin America.
In her travels, she was able to learn and practice with diverse teachers and lineages of yoga; finding her passion in Progressive Ashtanga, and Rocket Vinyasa Yoga; styles in which she has trained for thousands of hours -and continues to learn from her mentors. Christiane’s teaching philosophy is based on approaching the practice with curiosity, creativity and openness to explore what is possible on and off the mat. Her belief in the transforming nature of the practice drives her to share it with her students, and work with non-profit organizations to create a safe space for BIPOC people, to explore yoga as a vehicle for empowerment.

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