Mother Yoself Workshop

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$40.00 Mother Yoself Workshop

Let Chynna guide you through her daily morning chakra-balancing mediation followed by a chakra-tuned sound bath. Pull up feeling cozy. Get cozy with a cup of crafted Chy-Tea. Relax and leave with a powerful practice that can get you out of bed feeling charged up. lis strongly encouraged to bring a journal and writing.

Chynna Lauren

Chynna Lauren is a Florida-born, Connecticut-raised, and long-time D.C/V.A. inhabitant. Chynna’s high school photography teacher sparked her interest in yoga, which then led her to an infrequent practice throughout her college years. After graduating with dual degrees in Fine Art Photography and Journalism, she cultivated a consistent yoga practice and received her 200-Hour Power Vinyasa certificate from CorePower Yoga in 2015. Since then, Chynna has led and coached several 200-Hour teacher training as well as a couple of Yoga Sculpt programs, workshops on inversions/arm-balances and chakras, mediation, barre, lifting classes, and has been certified E-RYT with Yoga Alliance. After a decade of dancing with this practice, Chynna realizes that “the real yoga practice is not necessarily Instagrammable, nor is it even on the mat most of the time.” She tries her best to remind students of that in her classes; “to bring everyone back to that grounded, yet light place in the present with the breath.”

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