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Yoga is a powerful practice of self-inquiry and exploration. In this Inversion Lab workshop, we will explore poses that bring the heart above the head like Handstand & Forearm Stand – as a tool to deepen our yoga practice. We will start by learning the anatomy of the body and discussing the physical benefits of inversions. We will go into detail about the various inversions available and discuss the appropriate alignment for each pose.

We will start with a flow that will awaken the body and get us ready for our inversion practice. We will also explore how to safely and efficiently transition into and out of the various inversions. We will play with different shapes while inverted. Work with the wall on some of my favorite drills to find ways to build strength and endurance in your inversions. 

Throughout the workshop, we will be engaging in breathing practices to help us gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the poses. By the end of the workshop, you will have an understanding of the benefits of inversion practice, as well as have the tools to practice inversions confidently and integrity.

Ahmed Jabali-Nash

“Hard work will always beat talent when talent fails to work hard.”  Ahmed can be frequently seen doing handstands and arm balances all over the city, most especially in Lululemon Athletica in Georgetown and Tysons Corner, where he is a legacy ambassador.  

Although his forte is in inversions, Ahmed has a strong background in various kinds of yoga including but not limited to: Bikram, Ashtanga, Baptiste, Power Vinyasa and Rocket.  Ahmed completed his 200 hour teacher training through Corepower Yoga in April of 2014 and his Rocket yoga teacher training in October of 2014 through Little River Yoga with David C. Kyle.  He has completed a 200hr RYT in Power Vinyasa, 30hrs Yin Yoga and 200-plus hrs (Lvl 2) Rocket Yoga. He has co-hosted the largest YTT in 2020 with BLM Rocket Yoga as we hosted over 2,500 practitioners. Ahmed has been featured in the Yoga Journal and has been in Jade yoga 2021 and 2020 calendars.  Independently, he leads Rocket Yoga Immersions and is frequently invited to instruct YTT's around the world to in the practices of hands on assists, inversions & arm balances and how to hold space.  

Ahmed has a very athletic background that includes Mixed Martial Arts, soccer, golf, running and cycling and practices yoga with prominent instructors such as Carson Calhoun, Irene Pappas, Mimi Rieger and David C. Kyle.  Ahmed specializes in bandha work as it helps the float process, internal cleansing and much more. He was invited as a community leader to the White House Easter Eggroll in 2015 and 2016 not only does he focus on the physical aspect of yoga, but he also appreciates and practices the spiritual side of yoga.  He meditates regularly and always keeps a regular mindful personal practice.  

Ahmed enjoys teaching multi level classes because he likes to instill strong basics with students and encourages them to progress.  He focuses on teaching strong foundational skills and challenges even the most experienced students to push them to the next level.

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