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$40.00 Budokon Master Class

Budokon Yoga is a movement practice that combines classical Hatha Yoga elements with influences from various Martial Arts systems, Mobility, Animal Movements, and Meditation.

This fluent movement will help you build strength, concentration, and coordination.

We’ll enhance your understanding of this unique practice by flowing through all seven sections of the Budokon Yoga Primary Series I. Breaking down each section with precision and fun.

Learn exciting drills for ‘floating’ ‘rolling’ and ‘bridging’ all of which a key complements in this transition based practice 

Damion Moss

Hi! I’m Damion. My friends call me D.Moss :) I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years and I’m a coach, teacher, husband, and father.


I teach Budokon-inspired classes which include: Budokon Yoga Primary Series, and Budokon Mobility, created by Cameron ‘Kancho’ Shayne of the Budokon University. Studied personally under Shayne, Professor Donato Helbling, Professor Jamal Faustino Pender, and Angela Meyer, I teach other mindful movement-based practices as well.


I will lead you with a heavy focus on functional mobility patterns designed for longevity.


-I worked in commercial gyms for about 15 years to earn the title of Master Trainer in the local DC and VA area. (2001 - 2015)

-Formal education from the Howard University School of Business (c/o 2001)

-Owner of DMossFitness LLC, a 1:1  Private and Semi-Private Group Personal Training business (2015-present)

-Collegiate Football player and Track Athlete (1996 -2001)

-Budokon Yoga practitioner for 10 years and teacher for 8 (2012 - Present)

-Breathwork Enthusiast 

-Mixed-Movement Artist and Human Performance Engineer, I LOVE MOBILITY WORK

-I’ve been a indoor-cycling instructor (Modern Luxury Magazine Best Indoor-Cycling Instructor 2019), a boxing/kickboxing coach, kettlebell coach and so many other labels in the fitness industry.

-I’ve worked with all kinds of people at all different fitness levels, from gen pop and clueless to sprinters, Olympic-level distance runners, triathletes, cyclists, powerlifters, hardcore yogis, mixed martial artists, and other coaches with high-level performance goals.


Now, I’m teaming up with one of the area’s most influential yogis, and movement masters (Ahmed Jabali-Nash) to bring Sukha Center to you! 


As Co-Founder of Sukha Center, we want to bring joy, ease, and optimum health to as many people as we can.



I humbly welcome you to your good space!





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