Sound Sanctuary

Join Jess Gray as she leads a restorative sound bath meditation to help you relax and tap into healing vibrations.
  • We will be sitting and laying on the floor for this session. Please bring a yoga mat, blankets, pillows, eye masks and anything that may make your experience more comfortable.

  • We will open with an intention-setting activity and meditation.

  • Doors open at 6:30PM. Session begins at 6:45PM. 

  • There is no entry after 6:45PM to avoid disrupting other attendees.

  • Masks are optional for this event.

The session will begin with a "vibe check" where Jess Gray will guide attendees to check-in with themselves and set an intention for the sound bath meditation.

Jess intuitively uses multiple instruments including crystal singing bowls, chimes, drums and bells to create a space that invites each guest to relax and be present. Each sound is played with intention to guide you into a restful, meditative state where rejuvenation and healing can begin. Allow the sounds and textures of the instruments to envelope you and usher you into a place of harmony – releasing anything that does not serve you while welcoming all that is aligned with your greatest and highest good.

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