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Ashtanga Yoga:

Is a WHOLElistic, therapeutic practice and the original way of learning yoga taught by Krishnamacharya and passed down through the Jois Family. The word Ashtanga is a Sanskrit word, “Ashta” means “Eight 8” and “Anga” means “Limb”. Meditation, one of Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga, is a sustained focus on a subject. As we flow through the sequence, we focus on the breath. Each breath is a movement, and each movement is a breath, creating a moving meditation. This Union, “Yoga”, of the Mind, Body, and Breath, places us in the observer seat which is the optimal state to unlock the inner guru in you. Sticking to the practice with discipline and dedication provides a system in which we can observe measurable growth on and off the mat.


Named after the city in South India where Krishnamacharya and Jois Family lived, is the original way of learning yoga asana. It’s a personal and intimate path to cultivating yoga within. In a Mysore Style Class, each student is taught individually, pose by pose, given a one-on-one lesson in a group setting. Students are strongly encouraged to practice at least three (3) times a week and commit to at least a month to memorize the sequence and develop individual responsibility for their own practice and wellbeing.

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